Shijiazhuang city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine was founded in October 1956, after more than 50 years of development and construction, built by the school of the early developed into a clinic medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care as one of the "third rate" of traditional Chinese medicine hospital, affiliated hospital of hebei medical university, hebei province demonstration hospital, is the focal of shijiazhuang in TCM group.At the same time, also has two municipal combine traditional Chinese and western medicine diagnosis and treatment center (shijiazhuang city combine traditional Chinese and western medicine center, shijiazhuang combine traditional Chinese and western medicine tumor prevention and treatment of anorectal disease diagnosis and treatment center), is the national informatization construction demonstration units, national cultural construction of traditional Chinese medicine pilot unit...

Formal Gown and Tux Favor Boxes
Anorectal Department2 of Shijiazhuang TCM hospital was founded in the 1960's by the well-known Chinese medicine surgeon.
New Vice President and future President
Shijiazhuang hospital dermatological department is a professional department of TCM treatment of skin disease, the outpatient service
Solar Project of Wuhan China
Department of Otolaryngology of Shijiazhuang TCM Hospital was established at initial stage of hospital formed. There are two combine
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